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All In His Hands™ Herbal Salve & Handmade Soaps

Ezekiel 47:12...........And the leaf thereof for medicine

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Hello Carol, thank you for the soap that you sent to m​e. I really appreciate it and it did help my skin 

because I had a bad Lupus flare up and it is now clear. Thank you.  

J. Slaughter

The burn That I received on March 11, 2021 was from a curling my hair. The hot curling iron slipped out of my hands falling and hit my thigh twice. My cousin Valerie suggested that I use some "All In His Hands".   I did use the product. This product works ! It is a blessing to have "All In His Hands. As of July 4th 2021, the burn marks have just about faded to my skins original color.


                                                                                  Renee' Holton

Good morning Sis Carol, the hair oil you made for me is wonderful.

 I realize it doesn't create dirty oil greasy build up in my hair and it

prevents dandruff. And it doesn't cause hair to itch. I went to the salon

yesterday to get a hair trim and was told my scalp was very clean and 

                        healthy ! I've been without a hair was now for two weeks, and I didn't                  

even deep condition my hair. I only did one rinse that day. 

I was surprised my hair wasn't dirty. Also, I didn't even have split ends.

                                                                                                I also use All In His Hands Face and Body Oil for my face everyday

                                                                                                  or every two days. I like to apply it by using a wet wash cloth

                                                                                                as I wipe my face in the morning. Recently I applied the oil

                                                                                                by splashing my face with water then adding oil in my hands

                                                                                              and massage my face. Since I started using the oil I have

                                                                                              less dry spots on my face and my skin feels smoother.

                                                                                              My face even has a glow to it !


Cianna C. ~ 7/2/2019

My daughter is an ER nurse and got your product from someone there and shared some with me. I LOVE the salve!! Has really helped an area on my leg that has issues. This is my second jar. Use it several times a day.

Many blessings to you❤️

Jane K.

It only takes a small amount of All In His Hands Hydrating Face and Body Oil. Apply to moist skin and receive this nourishing skin treatment. It leaves skin feeling soft, satiny and sleek. I has a very healthful and wholesome feeling on the skin. My skin looks 20 years younger!

I recommend it highly.

Sharon Y.

Kennesaw, Ga. ~ June 23, 2020

All In His Hands Herbal Salve is a staple at our house. We use it for multiple things and it's awesome. My granddaughter slipped and fell on a brick and scarred her face very badly right up under her left eye. I started using the salve after it healed (not sure why I didn't think to use it immediately). After two weeks of using the salve the scar is almost unrecognizable !! When I shave my underarms I usually get ingrown hairs that are uncomfortable.I put salve on it and within hours the pain is gone. my daughter woke up with a red spot on her nose. We didn't even know what it was but we put salve on it and within 20 minutes it was gone! This stuff is amazing. I've found many uses for it and we always keep it on hand. 

Janell S.

Duncan, S.C. ~ June 15, 2020

These are before & after pictures of my grandson.

He fell off his scooter

1st picture - 7/16/2017

2nd picture - 7/23/2017

3rd picture - 7/31/2017

The very last picture's of his shoulder and back was taken

sometime during the summer of 2018. 

C. Hurst

These are before & after pictures of my granddaughter

who busted her knee at summer camp July 2019

C. Hurst

At first, I was thinking "I don't use ANYTHING made from people, but I tried All In His Hands™ Burdock Root soap and I'm glad I did. Because the first time I used it I saw results. My skin was smoother and it seemed to be brighter than usual.

T. Powell 16 yrs. old

Kennesaw, Georgia - July 2012

Ms. Carol:

A few months ago you gave my mom some burdock soap and she started putting it on my face to see if the acne would clear up. The first week that I used it I saw a difference. My skin looked brighter and cleaner and the acne started to clear up right away. I am still using it and it is still doing the same thing for my skin. This is a real good soap and you should sell it in stores

Thank you, Ri'Chard Burrell

Kennesaw, Georgia

December 30, 2102

Miss Carell

I just love all of your stuff. It feels so fluffy and silky like flowers. Your cocoa butter soap is my favorite. It makes my skin so soft. And I really,really,really, really, loooovvvvvveeeeee!!!!! the cream you made for my hair. I love Miss Carrell. Thank you for praying for us. 

Laniya "Niya" L. ~ Acworth, Georgia

8 years old

Dear All In His Hands,

I just want to say that this Herbal Soap is incredible. I called

myself using a hair growth product on my sensitive scalp

and I suffered for it!!! It dried out my scalp and left these small

lumps in my head. My scalp was so sore and swollen. I didn't

want to wash my hair with any shampoo with any chemicals in it

and all I could think of was to wash my head in the herbal

soap I had in the shower. So I wet the soap, rubbed it over the sore

areas in my scalp, covered it with my scarf and went back to bed.

I let it dry. That was on Wednesday, April 11th 2012 at 6:42 am that

morning. When I finally woke up around 11:00 am I rinsed my hair

in the shower. I was in shock and disbelief when I felt my scalp!!!

The swelling and small lumps had gone down tremendously!!!

I'm serious!!! My scalp was still a little tender but today it's like

nothing was ever wrong. Unbelievable! And that was just the soap!!!

Thank you so much for great product GOD is so AWESOME!!!

Keep doing what your doing Carol !

A. Rivera ~ San Antonio, Texas

Hi Carol,

On November 22, 2011 my husband came home from work

and asked me the check his foot because he stepped on

something at work. It was a nail that went right through

his work boot!!! And my husband is a diabetic. Late the night of

Nov. 23rd on into the early morning of the 24th the ER gave

him a tetanus shot and an oral antibiotic. However on the 24th

we had to go back to the hospital. An ulcer had built

up around the punctured wound on his foot. On Nov. 29th he

was admitted into the hospital. Nov. 30, 2011 they had to operate

on him because the infection had completely reached to

the bone of his foot!!! He was in the hospital for 6 days.

Once he got home, a home health nurse came the 1st week

everyday and then every other day to dress his wound. A saline

spray was used and the hole in his foot was packed with gauze.

His foot was healing slowly from the inside out and the hole was

closing up. That's when I ordered the salve from you on December

12, 2011. We started using it as soon as it came in the mail.

We rubbed the salve around the area of the ulcer and then all

over his feet. The skin on his feet use to look like "alligator skin".

Now you should see it. It's as smooth as a baby's butt.

All In His Hands™ Herbal Salve conditioned the skin. He was suppose

to be out of work for 3 months but went back in 6 weeks!!!

Mr. & Mrs. J. Hall ~ Greenville, S.C. ~ July 13, 2011

I was stung by several Georgia yellow jackets

on my left hand. Immediately after the severe attack I applied

ice and All In His Hands™ ointment continuously over the next

few days. See Before and After pictures.  

Tia D. ~ Kennesaw, Georgia ~ July 13, 2011

(Survivor of the Fittest)


I had a pilonodial cyst removed on the top

near my rectum that left me in excruciating pain and discomfort.

It was in an area that is very sensitive and without a doubt un-

comfortable. It also had a hole where my wound opened up and

torn tissue. I was not able to sit on my bottom because of the

surgery and thought to myself I would never get better.

After my 2 week checkup at the doctor I was told that my wound

had opened and I had a hole in my bottom that would have to be

treated and packed with gauze several times a day. I then became

scared and prayed that it would heal soon. After speaking with my

best friend Jamaiya about my situation she talked to me about

salve and spoke very highly of it. She assured me that by applying

the salve it would close the wound up quickly and heal it in no time.

So immediately I came to All In His Hands website and started

reading the testimonials and the great things it has helped others with.

I started using the salve and I guarantee within days that hole from my

surgery started closing up! In my next visit to the doctor's he advised

me to no longer pack it with gauze because it was now closing and

healing just fine. I have to give all the credit to God and the help of the

salve for healing my body so quickly. I would recommend the salve to

anyone for anything. I also use it on my 6 year old daughter who has a

bad case of eczema who stated to me that the salve soothes her skin

and helps the itching and irritation. God bless!

M. Watts ~ Greenville, S.C.

Hair relaxers caused my hair to come out around the edges. The area was almost bald. After using the salve caused my hair to grow back all over my head!!! I also use it before getting a touch-up. It keeps the relaxer from irritating my scalp. The soaps, all of them, are wonderful!!! Since I was 12 years old liquid soap and laundry detergent were the only things that did not irritate or cause sores on my skin. There were only two brands I could use, baby bath was one of them, and sometimes they would cause a rash all over my body. Although apprehensive about trying another bar soap, when I tried the oatmeal honey soap it made my skin feel wonderful and did not cause A REACTION OF ANY KIND!! I got excited and tried the herbal soap NO REACTION!! These products have made a significant difference in my skin. So much so that I gave soaps, salve and cocoa butter cream as Christmas gifts. My family members were thrilled at the difference it made in their skin. Lastly, I have two 13 year old cats, one of which is a diabetic. When I started giving them little of the Organic Silica regularly their skin irritations disappeared and they started playing and running around the house. Their energy increased and the diabetic did not have as many issues with her blood sugar. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for allowing God to use you to bring All In His Hands in to my life!

Rev. V. L. Delaney

Loganville, Georgia

 Praise God from whom all blessings flow. I was truly

blessed when a friend introduced me to the Natural

Honey & Oatmeal soap. The feel of my skin made not

only myself take notice of how soft and smooth it was

by my granddaughter telling me how soft my skin felt.

Now I am using a sample of the Natural Cocoa Butter

Cream. The winter weather made my skin feel rough

and looked very ashy. Now I thank God for no more

ashy skin. I feel so good about my body. I also tried it

on my granddaughter's cheeks from people kissing her

and its healed the discolored spots. So I use it on her

entire body. I thank God for the wisdom He has gave

this woman to make his creation feel beautiful again.

We are all in his hands.

Thank God, Vivian 

I had purchased some herbal salve and soaps to offer my customers.

Some all natural choices for Rashes, Eczema & Psoriasis. They have

worked very well ,especially for Ms. Deborah Scott & her grand-

daughter Mya she loves the Herbal Salve & Oatmeal & Honey Soap.

Every time I would get them in she would purchase all that I had.

I finally ordered enough to keep a jar a salve for myself and now I

also have a testimonial regarding a skin condition called Shingles.

Shingles cause blisters on the skin which are very painful, red, itch

and take a long time to heal. My Aunt Clara Jackson of Toledo, Ohio

developed 3 long blisters on her forehead which looked as if someone

took their finger nails and scratched her. Immediately I thought about

the salve, and asked her if she would like to try it, she agreed, she put

the salve on her forehead, and she said the itching stopped almost

immediately, and that it was very soothing. For the past 2 weeks she

continued to use it 3x a day and stated each day she could tell it was

working at drying up the blistered areas, the redness is gone, and the

itching has stopped completely. My Aunt was so pleased with the results

that she bought a whole jar for herself, two of her friends noticed how

quickly her face was healing and they wanted to get the salve. She called

me and placed an order for 2 more jars!! I only had 1 left so I had to order

              some more!! I am so thankful to Michelle Clark @ Motivation Salon Toledo Ohio 

       for telling me about your salve. It is my hope and prayer to get this salve and

          soaps into a lot more of my family and friends. It's been wonderful sharing with you Carol. 

 Thank you so much for the gift you are sharing with us.  

Be Blessed & Encouraged ~ Mrs. La Gwanda J. P.

Naturally U L.L.C Toledo, Ohio 

 My 16 month old daughter had a serious, serious diaper

rash that I just could not get rid of. So I asked my mom to

send me some salve because I ran out. I received my salve

in the mail on Monday Oct. 11, 2010, used it on Hannah's

rash for 2 day's top. Her diaper rash is completely gone as

if she never had it. Thank youuuuu mama!!!

Samoy Graves Mainda (Carol's daughter)

Baroda, Michigan

Thank you Carol just wanted to let you know that last week I applied the herbal salve to my knuckles and fingers as they were very raw due to the cold weather. I woke up the next day and there was hardly any redness left. Praise the Lord for your product! I am continuing to apply it at night at bedtime on my Rosacea on my cheeks. Hope you have a great weekend!!! God bless you.

John M. ~ North Charleston, S. C.

Dear Carol, I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your products. I love to use oatmeal soap to get an extra smooth shave on my legs. I have also enjoyed using your herbal soap for a soft feeling on both my face and body. Your bars of soap are a great value, because they last about 3 months a piece. Thank you for the extra care you give in creating your truly all natural products!

Sharon Y. ~ Kennesaw, Georgia

Hello Carol,

As promised, here's my feedback. I tried the

lavender soap and I just loove it! It has such a nice, light

calming fragrance and it doesn't dry my skin. It's such a pleasure to use. Good job! Thanks!

Zarkeena P. ~ Lawrencville, Georgia


My daughter Sydni was run over by a stampede of kids at the afterschool day care, fell and skinned her face on the sidewalk. We washed her face twice a day, in the morning and at night before bed with All In His Hands Herbal Soap and put on the All In His Hands Herbal Salve afterwards. I put the dates on the pictures so we could monitor her healing. The first picture was taken 4/01/08 the second 4/04/ 2008, the third 4/11/08 and the last one on 4/16/08. Her face isn't going to have a scar thank God! (See Before & After Pictures)

Carol Hurst ~ Kennesaw, Ga. 

I have only used the All In His Hands™ Herbal Soap and

salve for a couple of days, and I can already see fascinating results. Dry patches are gone, old scars/dark areas lightened up overnight, and the soap not only gives you a really clean feeling, but it has a very rich lather. I am very impressed with this product, and

I highly recommend it. Thanks.

Michelle T.

Greenville, S.C.

I tried All In His Hands™ Herbal Salve on my lips because I get a lot of fever blisters, sometimes they bleed and it takes about two weeks to go away. But this stuff is great! Since I've used the salve they only last about four days. My lips are feeling so soft now, and I have not had a fever blister in over a month. This product is awesome!

D. Grimm

Clara County Offaly, Ireland


 I had inflammation on the area above my top lip. After using All In His Hands Herbal Salve, the burning feeling went away on the first day. Much of the redness did as well. It numbs the pain and itchiness. Before, my skin felt dry and afterwards it felt moist and fresh. I went to sleep a lot better that night, while before it annoyed me all day.

J. Gutierrez ~ December 9, 2010

Kennesaw Mountain High School ~ Class of 2010

The water in El Paso, Texas & Las Crusas, New Mexico is hard alkaline based water. Most people including myself have to use some form of lotion afterwards because the water is so hard on your skin. For 3 years on my dedicated truck run to the west coast all I used was Dial and Coast soap and Gold Bond Extra Moisturizing Lotion after my shower. 

Since I've started using All In His Hands™ Herbal Soap, I have yet to use lotion on

my skin.... I quit having to use anything, any type of moisturizer and my skin's not itchy or ashy anymore. I use the herbal soap and the oatmeal soaps my sister makes but the oatmeal is my favorite. It feels creamy. I cut a few pieces off my big bar and drop it in the jacuzzi turn on my jets, run my cable into my 9 inch T.V., lay back, relax and watch my Sports Center channel.

Charles H. ~ Simpsonville, S. C.

Hi my name is Sydni and my mom's herbal soap is amazing! One day I came home from playing outside, I came inside and washed my hands with Dial soap and my hands didn't fill clean. So I used my mom's herbal soap and a lot of dirt came off of my hands!                 

S. Thompson ~ Kennesaw Ga.

8 yrs. old

I like using your All In His Hands™ Oatmeal Soap to shave in the morning. I don't have razor bumps anymore and my skin is very soft and smooth like baby skin. I like using it on my whole body... it look like the suds would never end! My wife says my skin is very soft. I have a scar on my wrist and nose that are fading and my hair is growing back on the top of the bald spot of my head! Gracias! 

Pastor Hector Sanchez ~ Mexico

Hi Carol,

What a wonderful example of how God can be glorified thru that which He has created and how others can be blessed in the process. May the Lord continue to richly bless this wonderful work. God bless you.

J. Mendona ~ September 17, 2007

Hello Carol,

I have had problems with soap for 24 years to the point that I dreaded taking a bath/shower because I knew I would itch to the point of extreme irritation. I’ve tried so many different products, including Baby Bath, Caress, Oil of Olay, Neutrogena, Aveeno and even natural soaps. I found myself still itching. Some would work for a while, but then I’d eventually start itching. The herbal soap has been a blessing to me and my husband. We both have sensitive skin, but this soap is the only soap that we’ve used to take baths and showers with such miraculous results. The first time I used the soap I kept waiting to feel the itch, but to my surprise I didn’t. This has truly been a lifesaver.

As for the salve, I know this is an anointing of God! I have used this one product for so many different conditions. It has diminished the appearance of oven burn marks (every now and then I burn myself cooking). It helps to heal scratches, burning itchy feet, and has relieved my chapped lips. Whenever I have a skin condition that I need to care for, I always think of your herbal salve. I took our toy poodle to get groomed, and he had some skin irritation on his face. He started rubbing his face on carpet and caused the skin to become a thick, crusty scab about the

size of a dime. I decided to try some salve so it would go away. I applied it for about 2-3 days and the scab has totally disappeared. His face looks normal again, as if the scab was never there. I also applied it to the inside of his ears where I found signs of bleeding for some unknown reason, and that has ceased. Only God can create such healing ingredients that combine to be one great product that can heal so many skin conditions. You must press on with your product line.(See Before & After pictures)

Your friend, Zarkeena P. ~  Lawrenceville, Ga.  

Hi Carol

Here is my testimony:

I have used the Herbal Salve on my baby's bottom when she has rashes and let me tell you it heals it in no time! By the next diaper change the rash is gone! My husband had a very bad rash on his arm that wouldn't go away. It was bleeding and chaffing and white- it was really nasty! He put some of the Herbal Salve

on it ONE TIME and the next day it was completely healed! I was astonished! The horrible rash was gone! Thanks Carol for making such a wonderful product and making available for everyone.When I use the oatmeal soap on my face it's so moisturizing that I don't have use any other moisturizer afterwards. Most soaps dry out your skin, but not with All in His Hands™ Oatmeal Soap. My skin is never dry or tight feeling.  

Caisha G. ~ Goose Creek, S. C.

Oooooo......let me tell you. Oh my God! I love that

herbal soap! It makes my skin so nice and soft. I've tried other soaps but I would have breakouts and rashes. The only soap I could find to use was Dove Sensitive Skin. I went out of town on a business trip and took my All In His Hands™ Herbal Soap with me and was hoping my husband didn't use the rest of it before I got back home. I won't be going back to Dove.   

Veronica M. ~  Goose Creek, S.C.

I've been on dialysis for 2 years and have sores on my

legs and arms that were running with pus and blood. I'm

constantly in and out of the hospital. My doctors don't

know and can't explain to me what's wrong. They wrote prescriptions for creams to use on the sores but they keep coming back. When I got my soap and salve in the mail,

I told my home health nurse to start washing my sores with

the soap then use the salve after-wards. At first it felt

like my skin was burning but I told her to keep washing

the sores. The first day I used the salve the sores stopped

itching. My son and I both told Carol, I slept all night, the

first time I used this healing salve. All In His Hands™

Herbal Soap and Salve washed and cleared the blood

and pus from my sores and in 3 days these sores were

healing and covering up with new skin.

L. Wiggins ~ Sikeston, Missouri

Oh my gosh! All In His Hands™ Herbal Salve will

always stay in my medicine cabinet. I've previously

used the herbal on cuts and burns, but I never thought

it would work for a yeast infection. It was bad! I

washed the irritated area with All In His Hands™

Herbal Soap and applied about a nickel size amount

inside my vaginal walls with a Q-tip. Instantly I felt a cooling sensation. I would apply the salve 2 to 3 times a day once in the morning, about lunch time and at night before bed. Within two days the yeast infection was gone. You can't go wrong with this herbal remedy. The salve seems to know how to target the problem area. This stuff really, really works!!! 

D. Stiles ~ New York, N.Y.

I like the All In His Hands™ Oatmeal Soap, it keeps your skin from drying out. I have really, really dry skin and had to use Vaseline afterwards but not anymore. About a couple of weeks ago I went ot of town and saw a lot of my old friends,everyone complimented me on how good I looked and wanted to know what I was using on my skin. I told them, "Oh I'm just using some of my friend named Carol's

homemade soap".

Joyce O. ~ Kennesaw, Georgia

I had bought a new watch and had been wearing it for several days. I noticed that my wrist had started to itch, and broke out in a rash. Ihad obviously made things worse by scratching the area. A family member told me about a new product that was all natural, that she used, and it would probably help me also. It was All In His Hands™ Herbal Salve. I put some on my wrist (whilst still weari​ng my watch) and almost straight away I felt the area cool down. I put it on my wrist a couple of times a day. It soothed it, which was good because I then didn't have the urge to scratch anymore. Gradually, the rash went down, and after a few days disappeared. I am still stubborn and wear the watch occasionally, but I always put this salve on first so it doesn't feel scratchy anymore. It is also good to have around the house, especially with children. Any scrapes or skin  irritations, just put the salve on and it helps soothe the area. I really like this product because my skin is sensitive and I know it won't break me out. I am a bit skeptical when it comes to so called "miracle products" that promise you alot, and cost even more! This is one product that I would recommend to anybody. Try it for yourself and see!

Nikki (Carol's sister-n-law) ~ Wellingborough, England

Nov. 2006

When I first got my adopted son, I had to take him to

the barber shop to get his hair cut because his head

was full of sores. I used the salve on him twice a day

for 2 weeks and all his sores have healed up and gone.

His scalp looks like nothing was ever wrong with him.

J. Crockett ~ Greenville, S.C.

I had red bumps through my scalp and in the back of my neck this summer and my cousin who’s a beautician said it looked like heat bumps. My hair is very, very, thick and long. I would itch, scratch and dig in my scalp so much it left sore’s in my head and made my scalp sore. I’d end up scratching the scabs off, made my scalp bleed then I was right back to where I started. I was using all kinds of expensive shampoos, but nothing was working. The home health nurse who takes care of my mother told me about a lady that makes salve that’s really good. After using ALL IN HIS HANDS™ HERBAL SALVE for 2 or 3 days the sores healed and cleared up in my scalp and so did those red bumps on the back of my neck.

A. Ludwick ~ Greer, S.C.

My boyfriend has a little dog that jumped up on him all the time and left deep scratch marks on his arm. Whenever the scratches were just about healed the dog would jump on him again scratch back open some of those same places on his arm. I used All In His Hands™ Herbal Salveon his arms, and it left no scars. Rick was so shocked how fast his arm healed up he asked me the other day, "Baby, what was the name of that stuff you put on me?"


A. Wilson ~ Greer, S.C. 

Being an over the road truck driver for the past 13 years, I do hours

and hours of constant sitting. While on the road a boil broke out on

my tailbone....truck drivers get them from time to time from all the

sitting. Well, that night in my truck I tried using a heating pad on the

boil hoping that would ease some of the pain & soreness, but that didn't

help me much. The next morning when I woke up I felt something wet

on the back of my pants....the boil burst during the night.

Blood and pus had drained from the boil and it had a terrible smell.

I could hardly bend over I was so sore. When I finally got home that

night I started using some of the ALL IN HIS HANDS™HERBAL

SALVE on the boil, and the next morning the infection was clearing

up, I was able to bend over a whole lot better, the soreness was

practically gone and my wife noticed the hole on my skin was closing

up from where the boil burst.


Charles H. ~ Simpsonville, S.C. May 2003

I was out doing yard work one day and got hold to some

poison oak that broke me out with a rash all over my arms

and the front and back of my neck. I started using ALL IN HIS

HANDS™ HERBAL SALVE on a Saturday night and by Monday

the rash was all cleared up. I was back out doing some more

yard work the following Wednesday cutting down some tree

limbs, and stepped on a pile of leaves that were on top of a

yellow jacket’s nest. The yellow jacket’s started coming out,

flying around my face. I took off running. One of them got in

my glove and another one under my pants leg, stinging me

on my right hand and my left knee, both were swollen real

bad. I started using the salve again that same day and late

Friday night my wife checked on me, and all the swelling

was gone down and I never got any kind of infection from the stings.

Travis Wilkie ~ Greer, S.C. May 2003

I have had lupus now for about 11 years, and in June of 2003, I got two

blisters on the back of my left leg. I was using neosporin ointment

for 2 weeks straight and it only made the blisters worse. The blisters

were getting infected and I had given up hope. Within days of using

the ALL IN HIS HANDS™ HERBAL SALVE that Ms. Carol gave me

the blisters were starting to heal…PRAISE GOD! I can honestly say

that this salve has been a miracle worker for me!

Jamaiya G. 19 yrs. old) ~ Simpsonville, S.C.

June 2003

My 7 yr. old daughter Katrina (Carol's niece), was running home from playing outside and fell on asphalt in our subdivision. The fall took the skin off of several areas on her face and fingers. The right side of her face was injured the worst. There was a lot of swelling, especially over her right eye, under her right nostril, and of lot of bleeding. It took away her confidence and she told me she didn't want to go back to summer camp. I really felt sorry for her. She fell on 7/14/03, I started using Bactine & Neosporin on her face, but she said it burned too bad so we had to stop using it. My husband told me to use the herbal salve on her that my sister-in-law Carol makes, so the next day we started using it. We started using the salve on Tuesday 7/15/03, by Saturday of the same week the scabs that had formed over the sores were falling off whenever I tried putting fresh salve on her face. Her skin tone was coming back in and she didn't have any scars in her face from the fall. I've used Neosporin and Bactine in the past on both John and Katrina, but I noticed they both healed a lot faster when I used the ALL IN HIS HANDS™HERBAL SALVE. Katrina was a happy little girl again when she saw how her face healed up, and gave her back her confidence. Her day care workers couldn't believe their eyes when they saw her again. Now they've ordered salve for their families too.

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Tajuana H. ~ Simpsonville, S.C. July 2003

I went to the doctor’s office for a bite I got on the side of my left leg

that my doctor diagnosed as being a spider bite. The bite was about

the size of a fifty cent piece, the skin around it was swollen, infected

yellowish, and hard to the touch. I was taking a oral antibiotic and

using cortisone cream that my doctor prescribed for me, but the

medication was making me sick so I had to stop taking it and the

cream wasn’t working. I used ALL IN HIS HANDS™ HERBAL SALVE

before on my son with great results and thought I would use it on

the spider bite as well. On Sunday afternoon 8/17/03. I started using

the salve and on Saturday 8/23/03 everything was all cleared

up, the infection, swelling and my skin was back soft. All I can see

now is the shadow of a circle where my skin color is coming back in.

S. Burnside (R.I.P.) ~ Greenville, S.C.  

After suffering from a stroke I developed a rash on the right side of my neck. My skin was extremely dry, itchy and it

ached. After using ALL IN HIS HANDS™ HERBAL SALVE,

it took away the ache in my neck, put moisture

back in my skin and cleared up the rash in 2 to 3 days.

R. Mosley ~ Simpsonville. S.C.

I’ve been confined to a wheel chair since 1981, and since my

confinement I’ve experienced poor circulation in my legs

and feet. The skin on my legs have become very sensitive,

and whenever I’m cleaning house I make sure their covered

so nothing irritates my skin. About 2 months ago (6/03) I was

ironing and some spray starch got on my lower leg and broke

it out, which turned into a sore about the size of a 4x4 band-

age. It was raw, red, and drainage was coming from it. I was

using Neosporin ointment on it but it made me worse so I

stopped using that. My urologist told me he could give me

something that would clear it up in a couple of days but it

would affect my kidneys, so I didn’t even fool with that

because I only have one kidney left. He told me to keep the

wound clean with saline solution and the betadine would

probably heal it up and dry up the drainage probably. "Just

give it some time", he said. I went through 2 boxes of 4x4

bandages during that time and the Betadine solution was

costing me about $7.00 a bottle, it was getting expensive for

me to buy, but I really didn’t have any choice. My aunt was

telling me about this ALL IN HIS HANDS™ HERBAL SALVE

she had used and how it healed her leg. I started using the

salve on my leg that night (8/26/03), and today my leg is doing

wonderful! The sore that was the size of a 4x4 bandage is gone

down to about the size of a quarter! (9/4/03). It’s been drying

up around the edges, the drainage is just about gone and there’s

a small spot waiting for the scab to fall off. All the redness and rawness is gone.

Lillie Ree Gilbert ~ Greenwood, S.C.

September 2003

 To my favorite cousin Carol, I want everyone to know that I am

a recovering cocaine, crack, liquor, beer, pills U-Name-It addict.

I had the Drug-Bug. I’m 46 years old and have been doing drugs

since I was 13 yrs. old. The poison from the drugs made me feel

like something was crawling on and in my skin all the time.

I would dig and scratch myself until my skin would break and

bleed. FOR REAL!!! I have picked sores on almost every spot on

my body. My face, my legs, my arms, backside, my back, breast

everywhere. Every place you can think of on your body my

body’s been covered with sores from the poison in my system

from drugs. Literally my body had become a complete sore.

I prayed and prayed and asked the Lord to help me. Carol came

to my apartment in Socastee, S.C. last summer (2002) and gave me

some ALL IN HIS HANDS™ HERBAL SALVE to use. My arms and

face were covered with sores at that time when she came to visit

me. On a Saturday afternoon I showered and washed myself first

with some of her homemade soap then I put the salve on after-

wards, and I promise by that Tuesday or Wednesday I could mash

the spots where the sores were and you would never know that a

sore had been there. There’s always been black marks left on my

body from the past, but having used the salve there was no black

marks left or scars. So all Recovering Addicts, try the HEALING

SALVE!!! There’s truly a Balm in Gilead...Jeremiah 8:22, 46:11

and 51:8 to ease the sin sick soul.

Linda Ree McNeil (R.I.P.) ~ Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Nothing over the counter was working for myself or my daughters eczema. After applying the herbal salve to our skin, within a hours time all the redness and irritation was gone. ALL IN HIS HANDS™ HERBAL SALVE

was a lifesaver. It works!

Danielle Humphrey ~ Powdersville, S.C

The skin on the back of my neck was burned and irritated from a perm

that was left on too long. I used ALL IN HIS HANDS™ HERBAL SALVE,

and in a days time my skin was healing.

Stacey Hammond ~ Greer, S.

ALL IN HIS ™ HERBAL SALVE gave instant relief to my daughter

Khalie's dry skin patches and took the itching and redness right out of

my mosquito bites. It really did!!!

Pamela Shaw ~ Mauldin, S.C.

 It's a miracle worker!!! My son has suffered with eczema since birth, and

we've used just about everything over the counter with no visible results.

We started using ALL IN HIS HANDS™ HERBAL SALVE and now

my son's skin is smooth and soft again. Wow it works!!!

Kim Burns R.N. ~Taylors, S.C.

When I was a little girl about 9 yrs. old I got bite by a dog on my

left leg that gave me trouble all the way into my 20’s. I think

that dog had rabies or something, because you know in those

days you didn’t have the medicines like you have now. Well

from time to time that part of my leg would just flare up

whenever it felt like it in that same spot and it just looked like

to me that ole soreness would never go away. It stayed red

there all the time. Now I can’t tell you how much stuff and

rub’s I’ve bought over the years for this ole leg of mine, I’ve

bought lots of expensive stuff and rubs from these ole stores

spending money and nothing ever really working. The first

night I used ALL IN HIS HANDS™ HERBAL SALVE it took away

the redness from that area I had for years, and the second day

when I rubbed it on it took away all that soreness, and look

here sugar it ain’t come back since! My leg is completely healed!

That ole soreness GONE! Honey, this here rub is healing and

I’m confirming this is truly God’s recipe.

Mother Alberta Anderson (87 yrs. old) ~ Pelzer, S.C.  (R.I.P.)