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All In His Hands™ Herbal Salve & Handmade Soaps

Ezekiel 47:12...........And the leaf thereof for medicine

What method of payment do you except?   

We use Paypal's system that excepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover 

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?   

Sure! Verifiable USPS P. O. Boxes only

What type of shipping do you use?

We use U. S. Postal Service & UPS

What if my package doesn't arrive in the allotted time ?

Email All In His Hands™ at [email protected] or call U. S. Postal Service @ 1-800-725-2161

What is salve?

Salve is a healing medicinal ointment for made from herbs, oils and beeswax. Salve comes from the root word "SALVATION".

How are your soaps made? 

All In His Hands™ soaps are all homemade and hand cut. Our soaps are also naturally colored and scented from the natural properties in the oils and herbs used in the soap making process.

When and how did you start making soap ?  

 I started making soap in 1996. My grandmother was from a small town called Marion, S.C. and whenever we went to visit grandma she always had this odd looking soap in the bathroom, which was homemade soap. So if you forgot to pack your own soap....Oh well....that's all she had to use at her house. But it was good soap! And she had the prettiest skin. She told me they made it, out of old grease and lye, but I never had anyone to show me how to make it. That's where the passion to learn how to make homemade soap started. One day my mother called me from her job to tell me what she found on top of a old, rusty, dusty, dirty file cabinet. And guess what it was? You guessed it, a "SOAP MAKING" book! Of all things in the world ! And the rest is history.

What's so unique about All In His Hands™ Herbal Salve from any other salves on the market, and why would I buy it ?

There are a lot of wonderful salves on the market that perform very well, however we can only speak for our products and the positive results received from our customers. We at All In His Hands™ try our very best to price our soaps & salve at an affordable cost so everyone can buy, use & enjoy it. Secondly, All I n His Hands™ Herbal Salve is effective and fast-acting. You have the option of buying the salve or the soap but either way you'll benefit from using the products because they both have the same herbal blend. Testimonials are always coming in from customers telling us how pleased they've been using the products, and surprised how fast their skin injuries healed compared to a similar products they've used with minimal results. Testimonials and pictures don't lie!

Is customer personal information ever shared?  

All In His Hands™ never discloses any information about our customers to any source. Nor do we sell, rent or give your personal information to any companies, individuals or agencies. We do not store financial information on any of our customers. PayPal is a very secured website.